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What Clothes Does A Baby Need: Basic Newborn Wardrobe

You are pregnant. And, you probably want everything in store for your son or daughter to come. But in reality, there are certain items that you do need and others that you don’t. Read on and take note of these basic newborn wardrobe tips, you can write down and have a list before you go shopping.

What clothes a baby needs: 7 basic clothes

Many moms wait to know the sex of the baby to go out to buy everything they like. And not just them but dads, aunts, grandparents, friends… But, at the end of the day you could have a lot more clothes than you really need.

The first weeks of a baby’s life will not require haute couture clothes and you will not be able to dress him with very striking pieces. So spending too much money on the first wardrobe is not necessary. You can save on this and invest it in things that will work in the long run.

Of course, you do need basic items, essential newborn clothes that we will detail below. They are what you need for the first 30 days at least.

Jumpsuits or bodies: Between 6 and 8

These are t-shirts with snaps between the legs, they are also known as onesies . They can be short or long sleeves. They are the basis of any clothing for newborns , they must be 100% cotton. The fit style gives comfort and simplicity to both mother and child, allows them to not slip out of the pants and does not roll up the shirt.

The neck is generally wide and adjustable, some also have a clasp. Which allows it to be easy to put them on from top to bottom. We say that you need between 6 and 8 because a day you will use at least two, they could be stained with “leaks” from the diaper, drool or milk.

If the baby is born in the summer months with this and a pair of pants will be enough for day to day. Instead, in winter it will be the inner layer for the other clothes.

Booties or socks

You can have 3 or 4 booties or ankle boots with soft clasps or ties, so that they do not fall off with the movement or they themselves take them off. This will serve as an extra layer to protect your feet in the colder months. They will not need shoes as such, but these will help prevent the cold on their limbs.

Instead, choose to buy at least 5 socks to keep your feet warm. Newborn purchase to fit snug, not too loose or tight. If the baby is born in winter, add 3 more hunter socks .

Pajamas, rompers or jumpsuits: 3 or 4

They are a full-body model, covering arms and legs, some even down to the feet. There are options to go out and others only to sleep that are pajamas for newborn babies , they are basic, they must be safe, light and warm

In summer it is preferable to use models of fine cotton fabric. And always opt for those that open from below, so when you have to change the diaper at night you will not have to undress him completely.

Hats: 3 or 4

The newborn baby clothes include hats, they are warm and will protect them both day and night for the first few days. They are basic because the little ones lose a lot of heat from the head, at least the first week their use is recommended.

Kimono type jackets or tops: 4 or 5

Among the baby clothes you can include a kimono-style top, it is ideal for comfort and movement. It is a way to wrap the body and protect it from the cold, the buttons will not be on your belly but on one side, so your navel will be protected.

If you do not like this model, you can include jackets to use when going out, take into account that perhaps in summer you do not need them.

Cocoliso: 3 or 4

This is a very traditional newborn baby clothes , it is ideal for you to wear for the first few weeks. It is long and open sleeves, it has a ribbon that closes the garment as if it were a jacket. Being complete the baby will be warm.

It serves the first weeks since the baby does not move as much. Covers the body from the neck to the toes. There are some that even have a fold on the sleeve that flips over to cover their hands to prevent scratching with their own nails.

Pants: 2

You can have two girl’s or boy’s pants with feet to match the onesies. It is recommended that they also be made of cotton.

Basic accessories

As we just mentioned, babies can scratch themselves with their nails. To protect them you can use mittens if it is cold or if you keep it in air conditioning.

Bibs or breasts will also be necessary, you put them on when they go to eat, so if they get dirty you won’t have to change all their clothes.

It is recommended that you have at least 3 blankets, wool or cotton. You will need them in the stroller, in the car seat or in the crib. Always have one at home, one in your car and one in your purse.

Two sets of towels, preferably the ones with a hood.

You can also add special clothes for photo shoots, events or family parties. For boys a shirt with a bow tie is ideal, for girls dressed in leg warmers. And you can buy themed bibs.

If, as a mom, you are interested in fashion, this winter do not stop buying mou boots , they are ideal to protect your feet and very comfortable.

More than the basic newborn wardrobe

Always prefer fabrics that allow breathing, such as cotton. Wool is a good option for cold climates. Make sure the garments have a good finish, that there are no loose threads or tags that could hurt or irritate the newborn’s skin.

Look for baby clothes with snaps that close easily. Avoid zippers because they can puncture, especially if you’re dressing the little one in a hurry. He prefers simple plastic snaps. If you are going to put clothes with buttons, pull them before to check that they are well cooked, and that they do not feel loose, because if they could not come loose and reach the baby’s mouth or nose.

Remember to pre-wash the clothes before putting them on the baby, this way you will avoid any rash or irritation. Babies are very sensitive to any product in clothing, so it is best to wash it before wearing it.


In general, it is recommended that you use a detergent that is not so strong, odorless, that you can use for the whole family’s clothes. And, he prefers not to use fabric softener.

Baby winter clothes

If the baby will be born in winter you will need to add layers to the newborn clothes that we already mentioned. Like a coat or jacket to keep it extra warm, as well as more socks or booties.

You will need to have at least two sweatshirts to use as a second layer when going out. And you need to buy at least 4 thick wool or cotton pants to cover their little legs well.

The base layers are the rompers or onesies, made of cotton or wool and the socks. The second would be pants and sweatshirts for a boy or girl, and the outer jacket, gloves and ankle boots. Don’t forget the hat.

When dressing babies in layers, moms often make the mistake of overloading them. Dress them in the same number of layers you wear and then add a light blanket. Keeping it too hot will make it uncomfortable, it can even become dehydrated.

Baby summer clothes

On the other hand, if you expect your baby for the summer, you should take protection from the sun very seriously. You will not be able to apply sunscreen lotion, so you must protect it with shadows. The clothing should be light so that it does not get hot, with light cotton clothing and white blankets of the same fabric.

You should always have your skin covered in summer, to cover it from the sun have a wide hat.

The number of garments we recommend is based on the idea that you will have easy access to a washing machine, because you will have to use it more than once a week. Babies make clothes very dirty. But, if you want to wash only once a week you can multiply these numbers by two or if you want to do it every day you can cut them in half. Everything will depend on your tastes and time.

The idea is that you find a middle ground when buying, because babies grow very fast and clothes will not serve them in a short time. The newborn size will not last long, so it is best to invest more in clothes from 0 to 3 months and larger.

Just as you can have a capsule wardrobe, it is also a good option to simplify the clothes of the little ones. Avoid buying too much because they will lose it very quickly.

By knowing what clothes a baby needs and what is the basic wardrobe for newborns, you can buy only what is necessary and not spend too much. The garments will have to be replaced over time, as the little one grows. What pieces do babies wear the most? Which ones do you think are absolutely basic? Let us know.


10 tips for buying baby clothes

As beautiful as certain garments may look in a shop window, we have to think primarily about their practicality, comfort and convenience when dressing the baby.

My experience has taught me that there are clothes that we rarely wear because it is not practical for us to change them or because the baby feels uncomfortable with them.

Therefore, in addition to liking you, it is important to follow certain tips before buying baby clothes . For example:

  1. That incorporates automatic clasps (not plastic as they melt when ironed). The advisable thing is that the shirts have clasps in the neck and that the pants have them in the crotch; it is much easier to change their diaper.
  2. That the fabrics are soft and easy to iron, preferably 100% cotton, especially if the baby is very young. Avoid hard fabrics and wool that lose lint.
  3. Avoid zip and button waistbands on newborn garments. Prefer waists with elastic fabric that adapt better and we are sure that it does not tighten them.
  1. Prefer adjustable waists. When they are a bit older, pants with an adjustable waist are ideal, the kind that have an elastic with buttons at the waist.
  2. Think of the younger siblings. When we have two or more children of the same sex (or not), we buy thinking of all the possible users of that garment. They grow so fast that at least we are satisfied to know that the garments will have double (sometimes triple) use.
  3. Make sure that our baby has clothes that match what we are going to buy. This tip goes especially for parents who like to get out of the classic blue for boys and pink for girls.
  4. When they are newborns, prefer pants, rompers and pajamas with feet included.
  5. Prefer bodysuits to t-shirts, especially in winter. They always remain inside the pants / skirt and prevent the tummy from getting cold.
  6. The shoes: For newborns, that are warm (in winter), comfortable and soft. For older children, avoid shoelaces; Velcro shoes are preferable that they can put on and take off themselves.
  7. Socks: neither small nor large as they can hurt their feet. In winter, buy them long to the knee, because when you lift the baby the pants are raised and the legs are exposed.

Baby shopping guide


Before your baby is born, it is quite common to have made the purchase of a series of products that will be totally necessary in the first days. We are referring to the baby stroller, the first toys, some clothes for babies, cribs, car seats and so on a host of other things.

In order not to get lost in so many purchases, it is necessary to be very clear about what your baby really needs; In other words, what are those purchases for the baby that are totally indispensable.

In this shopping guide for the baby we offer you several tips to help you when choosing each product.

Wardrobe background for the baby in summer (From 0 to 3 months)


The clothes baby is one of the purchases that I have more busy, it was not clear to me what I needed and what not, if he had was too much or, instead, needed more. Fortunately I got rid of part of this task because I had been resting during the pregnancy , but even so I have been submerged in a sea of ​​doubts when someone has asked me if I needed something.

Now that my baby has passed his first three months of life, it is a bit clearer to me what he needs most during that stage, in addition, since he was born at the end of summer and where I live it is very hot I have been able to check what his needs are both in summer as in winter. Here are the basics for the summer.

As I said before, my baby was born at the end of summer and where I live it is very hot so, despite being a newborn, most of the time he was in suspenders and little else. His first month of life was hot and what he needed was …


Most of them with short sleeves or straps, although on more than one occasion they were wearing long-sleeved bodies, but light and without anything else. On many other occasions, his home clothes were the short-sleeved or suspender bodysuit and some shorts, this is something that you will have to think about depending on the temperatures of the place where you live. With six bodies I think it is enough, although if you have more it is not bad, it is a garment that never exceeds.


They can be short-sleeved, strapless or long-sleeved but made of some fresh fabric. Three is enough and if you use a sleeping bag you can not even put pajamas on it.

Sets to be at home

Clothes that are comfortable for both the baby and you, who in his first days will have to change his diaper quite often. With three or four outfits is enough, and I say outfits because I recommend that each pants / skirt and shirt combine with each other, in this way in case the baby gets stained we will only have to change one garment and not everything complete. My trick was to have almost all the clothes from those first months in light blue, beige and white (when washing it also makes it very easy for everything to be the same colors).

Street clothes

In the case of a child, two or three pants and around six T-shirts may be enough (the T-shirt is the one that gets the most dirt with spitting up). In the case of a girl, it can be varied more by having pants, a pair of skirts, three or four shirts and a dress, for example. It is advisable to also have two light jackets, sweatshirts or cardigans for when it gets cold.

Socks and other accessories

When it is very hot they are not usually used, but for a newborn baby it is necessary to have a cotton hat, light gloves and socks. For later it does not hurt to have them too. With a pair of hats, a pair of gloves and 3 pairs of socks I have had enough for the entire stage from zero to three months.

How much clothes does the baby need in his first year?


When we are first-timers in the world of moms and dads, it is common for us to have endless doubts when shopping. Previously we saw what the baby needs in general, today we are going to focus only on clothes, specifically on all that they need during their first year of life.

From their birth to their first month (In case you decide to buy newborn clothes)

1 to 3 months

You will need exactly the same as described in the list above, so it is recommended that baby clothes be bought from size 3 months instead of size 0 or newborn , this way you do not have to buy everything twice because the same thing that served you before will serve you now.

3-6 months

If you bought the clothes from the size of 3 months you will have been able to verify that most of them are already out of size, so now it’s time to buy the size of 5-6 months. You will need practically the same (4 bodies, 4 or 5 pajamas, etc …), but we can include some clothes for the street, which in any case it is recommended not to be too much because the baby grows very fast and at 8 months everything it will be small again.

After 8-9 months, its growth is slower and then we can start buying more things, but first it is not convenient to spend a lot because it quickly becomes too small. Everything will depend on your tastes and needs.

Top 10 stores to buy baby clothes online

One of the questions that I get asked the most: where do I buy Dante clothes? Although there is a lot that we get here (in another post I will prepare my favorites), I am a fan of Internet shopping. If you follow me from Diario Moda, you will know that one of my hobbies is doing online window shopping, which has now been translated into baby clothes, hahaha.

Here is my top 10 to buy from Dante. It is worth leaving me other options in the comments.

1. Amazon


I believe that Amazon is the go to web of every mother, well, and of every person. What happens with clothing is that sometimes you have to look for and know the brands to order pieces with the quality-price seal.

My favorites to buy are the “seasonal” ones, like the one in Dante’s Easter outfit (although Bambi was there too but nobody has to know that, hahaha). I included the onesie on my baby shower list and the hat I asked for a week and a half ago.

2. Gap


My second favorite more than anything because of the specials they put on. I leave things in the cart and take advantage of the discounts that they send me to buy, sometimes with a 70% discount. To give you an idea, for accounts of US $ 200 + I ended up paying US $ 50. The downside is that if you wait for the specials you run the risk that what you want is no longer there.

3. SpearmintLove


This store accompanies you throughout your childhood journey, just before your “baby” becomes a teenager, as they offer pieces for girls and boys from 0 to 12 years old. In addition, you can find accessories, books, goodies for decorating the nursery or crib. The clothes do not seem cheap compared to most of those in this list, but they are very curated items, of good quality and with a lot of identity.

4. H&M


Who doesn’t love H&M? There you can do the shopping for the whole family. For babies, as well as for adults, they offer fashionable clothes with a classic twist.

5. Lucky Panda Kids


His slogan is: “Affordable baby clothing” (affordable baby clothes), and he lives up to it. I stumbled across this store on Instagram, and I have loved it ever since! The best part is that they have a tab for wedding clothes and another with items under $ 15. The excellent thing is that you will find one or another photo of Dante as a model. The bad? Most of his articles are for girls… sniff.

6. Oeuf


I would define this brand as proudly New York and eco-friendly. His pieces are also beautiful. They have a little bit of everything: clothes, accessories, furniture, decoration … I personally am in love with their hats, from the basics for the sun, to the crowns or hats with ears. However, what finally convinced me to buy (because it is not a very cheap line), was their support for diversity and gender equality from a young age. A 10!

7. Pat Pat


If you are a mother or are waiting, surely the ads of this store are literally up in the soup. Pat Pat offers options for babies, toddlers, women and for the whole family to be combined. Their household items start at $ 3.99.

8. Burts Bees Baby


Looking for inexpensive basics? This website is for you. I didn’t even know that this brand offered, in addition to personal care products, a selection of clothes and other items for babies. Your discounted pieces can reach up to 80% off. I love their wearable blankets!

9. She In


Well, if you are a woman and you like to buy beautiful trend pieces at a good price, you will surely have entered this page. What may go unnoticed for you is that they also have options for the little ones in the house. They offer few items for babies but you will find a good selection for boys and girls up to 15 years old.

10. Cheerily


It is a store specialized in onesies and t-shirts with messages. It achieved its fame thanks to the personalization of the first, and its funny and real messages. My favorite is the one that says “A milkarita please”.