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How to choose a baby crib

Choosing a suitable baby crib is essential for your little one's safety, sleep and comfort, as they will spend considerable time in it during their first few years of life. Therefore, the crib that is purchased must meet all the safety and comfort guidelines required to suit the little one.

What Are Baby Cribs And Why Should You Have One?

A crib is a bed specifically designed for babies and very young children. Traditionally, it resembles a bed for older children and adults, with the addition of a bar railing on all four sides, making it impossible for the baby to fall out of it. A crib has many advantages, especially for mothers who take care of the baby alone most of the day. Baby cribs will not only be used at night, but will also prove to be a very useful piece of furniture to take care of your baby during the day.

Letting the little one sleep in a crib has many advantages, such as that the baby can rest easy and enjoy a good night's sleep without danger of the baby falling out of bed. In addition, if we add some accessories to the crib, such as a luminous mobile with music, we will also keep the baby entertained in the crib, since until the moment he does not learn to get up alone, he can be left there to play or to, just lie awake

Types of baby cribs

From what age can a baby be placed in the crib?

On average, cribs are used during the first 24 months of life. That said, the stage in which a child transitions to a small bed varies greatly. One sure way to know when your little one is ready to move on is when he's too big for the crib and can get out of the crib with minimal effort.

Where should the baby's crib go?

The best place to put your baby's crib is near the door of the child's room, so that you can attend him without obstacles when he demands you in the middle of the night or in case of an emergency. In addition, it is very important to take into account some guidelines when placing the crib.

Never place it near a window, as babies can have accidents with the cords of curtains or blinds. It is also important to place the crib as far away from electrical cables and never under shelves or anything heavy that could fall on the baby. This includes crib mobiles, which should be hung out of the child's reach and removed completely when baby is able to sit up.

How long should a baby crib be?

Generally, the size of the standard crib can vary on the outside depending on the design, but in most cases it leaves a hole inside for a 60 by 120 cm mattress. On the other hand, the measurements of the hole for the mattress of the largest cribs or maxicunas is 70 by 140 centimeters.

However, there are other increasingly common types of supports that are used to position newborn babies, such as bassinets or cribs. In most cases, the measurements of the bassinets are 72 by 33 centimeters, with a thickness that can vary between 3 and 5 cm. On the other hand, the measurements of the mattress of the minicots are, normally, 80 by 50.
What should the baby's crib have to make it comfortable and safe?

The space in which your baby is going to sleep has to be a safe and comfortable place, and for them, these recommendations must be taken into account:

Ultimately, less is more when it comes to creating a comfortable and safe sleeping space for baby. Removing any potentially harmful objects will help everyone sleep more soundly at night.

What type of mattress is best for a baby crib?

The best mattress for a baby crib has to be firm and flat, but it should also be protected by a waterproof cover to help keep it clean and dry. Make sure it is in good condition and that it fits the crib with which it is being used. It is recommended that the crib mattress be at least 10 centimeters thick, since the baby needs good support, which does not sink him.

How to accustom a baby to sleep in his crib?

For the baby to appreciate his crib, it is necessary to start by paying attention to the small details such as that the temperature of the room where the crib is is between 18 and 20 degrees, that the mattress is adapted to the little one or, for example, use a night light and make sure a little light enters the room in the morning so that the baby will recognize the surroundings when he wakes up.

Keep in mind that the best way to make a baby happy in his crib is to create a bedtime routine by sharing a pleasant moment. A good option is to do the same activities every night: dinner, relaxing bath and spending time in his room while he is lying in his crib, telling stories or reading a story.

Above all, you have to be hopeful and patient: you need to be understanding. Your baby doesn't feel safe in his crib for reasons he doesn't even understand. Getting angry will only increase this feeling of insecurity.

Now that you have all the information you need to buy the best baby crib, choosing the place where your child will rest during their first months or years of life will be a little easier. Read the opinions of other users and compare various types of crib before choosing the one that best suits your needs