All baby all the time

The advantages of having a baby monitor

When our children sleep they are true little angels. But for that peace of mind to last and you can dedicate yourself to other tasks while keeping an eye on them, you will need something to help you. A baby monitor can be a great ally for parents. Learn 10 reasons why you might need it.

1. Because you have a big house. If you live in a small apartment, you may not need it so much, but if your house has two or more floors, several rooms, a garden, and you need to take care of it while your little one rests, a baby monitor is essential.

2. Because you don't want to bother your baby. Sometimes children wake up on their own and go back to sleep. A video monitor will allow you to assess whether it is the right time to enter your room.

3. Because you want to calm him down from a distance. There are models that come with a two-way audio system, so he can hear you as much as you can hear him.

4. Because it allows you to monitor several situations at the same time. If you have several children, you can have eyes in two areas at the same time. Wonderful!

5. Because it allows you to lower anxiety. There are monitors that have sensors that are placed under the mattress and that alert if there is no baby movement for 20 seconds.

6. Because you want to know why he is crying. If you have a video monitor, you can see live why your baby is crying and what each of those cries is like.

7. Because you have to leave. Even from a distance, some models allow you to see your child live.

8. Because you want to control everything. Some monitors have room temperature gauges. Remember that heat or cold can wake them up!

9. Because you need to sleep. A newborn baby alerts when he needs another diaper or when he is hungry every two to three hours. Take advantage of that time to take a nap yourself.

10. Because it helps you rest. Sleeping is not the same as resting. The monitor can help you to have a deep sleep, because you trust that you will listen to your baby.

And you, what other benefits do you find when using a baby monitor?