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Six Tricks to Help Your Baby Expel Gas

Babies need to eliminate the air they swallow while eating, nursing, or bottle feeding, otherwise it will cause discomfort and irritation.

Babies swallow a lot of air when feeding , especially through a bottle , and need help to expel it . Although it is a simple task, there are some tips to keep in mind. This article provides healthy tricks to help your child eliminate bothersome gas, as well as what are the most appropriate positions. It also refers to the other gases that the body expels, the ventoseo, and points out two exercises to promote the expulsion of the children's stools .

Babies with gases: how to help them expel them?

When feeding with breast milk , and in particular when they take a bottle, babies swallow - in addition to milk - a lot of air . This is more frequent when they are very young, newborn or one month old, and they do not control the suction technique well. This air collects inside their body and causes them discomfort, discomfort, irritation and, as a consequence, crying .

Therefore, with certain frequency during and at the end of the feeding, it is necessary to help the child to expel these gases , since it is difficult for him to do it himself. Santiago García-Tornel, associate pediatrician at the San Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, ​​explains that this is a simple task. "Parents must understand that a baby's burp is normal, adults do it too," he says.

Anyway, it is advisable to take into account some tips or tricks to help the little one to expel his gases in the proper way.

Four positions to encourage the baby to expel their gases

An important key is to choose the most suitable position to promote the expulsion of these gases that are so annoying for the baby . Four postures that help eliminate gas from the child are listed below:

Two tips to help your baby pass gas

The vomiting of the baby that implies the regurgitation of a little milk at the time of expelling the gases is something normal and frequent. García-Tornel, former director of the specialized journal Anales de Pediatría Continuada , explains that this reflux is due to the fact that the child's digestive tract is not yet mature and, as a consequence, sometimes the entrance of the stomach remains open.

There are, however, some tricks to help your child pass gas .